Friday, February 03, 2006

older each day

Someone's getting older today!!

Happy birthday en. nik ku!!

Tunggu seminggu dua lagi...
And you will smile looking at my package ;-)

May Allah bless you always!
Enjoy your days!
A year older, a year wiser...
Gotta start acting like you are 25....hahaha
(tua nye die dah!! hehehehe)

it's always a double spending for me in February


on the other hand, my laptop is now officially been pimped! woohoo!! got myself a new hd yesterday (80gb). And I installed it all by myself *clap clap* I would say it's a very daring thing to do considering I know nothing about hardware. But I did it y'all!! At first I wanted to seek someone's help. But then I learn nothing unless I try it, rite?

yeah, that's why you haven't seen my crazy status on YM. coz I'm offline all this month.
and still have to wait for my external hd case to arrive so I can transfer all my precious files from the old hd to the new one.