Saturday, February 11, 2006


I wrote a pretty long entry yesterday and hit the publish button. 5 minutes after, I decided to delete it. I don't feel good about it. I don't feel good about writing a blog anymore. I've lost the appetite to writing I guess [or maybe I've lost the desire to share my life with everyone?]

Day by day, I felt something's missing in my life. No more fun outing with dear friends or even a nice talk on the phone with them. Part of it is my fault. I've lost the technique of being a good friend. I resorted to living my life alone. My ego is higher than the average Joe. Fuck it!

Albeit my poor friendship skill, surprisingly I made new friends here. Most of them are my classmates and colleagues. But it is sad to think that coming June, I can no longer hang out and have fun with them.

150++ days until my graduation day. Still, I haven't laid out a plan for my future. Go back to Malaysia...stay here longer...working or grad school?

I hate growing up *sigh*

Edited by siteowner on Feb 14, 2006; 1:51AM:
This entry is written during the author's period of bad mood. Glad to announce that the author is actually ok with the situation of living alone. Emptiness sometimes occupy the author's heart; hence producing this kind of [stupid] entry.

on the side note, those who are in Malaysia and enjoy watching theatre, you guys should go and see Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical (PGLtM). So far the reviews have been good. Jeles seh aku dgn korang-korang yg dpt tgk PGLtM!!