Sunday, January 08, 2006

BIG trouble

I'm in a total huge trouble. See, last two days my laptop suddenly shut itself down. It happens before... a kazillion times actually. And I suspect the fan is not working properly. But this time is different. I tried to switch on the laptop but to no success. So last resort, I reformat my c: in the hope everything will be ok again. Halfway thru the process, a warning pop up: "Format cannot be completed. The dick disk may be damaged".S%$^$%&^*! My c: is crashed. Memang maki hamun (dalam hati) sendirian dlm bilik semalaman. The positive side is, I have 2 partition in my hd; c: and d:. All my important documents; pics, mp3, videos; are all in d: Afraid all the docs will get lost, I touched nothing on d:

Yesterday, dah godek2 laptop tuh. Now I know the position of hd, memory and whats not on the laptop. So i need to get a new hd to replace the old one that will cost me more than 70 bucks. Dangg!!! Cepatlah ujung bulan.

The problem is: is there a way I can recover all my important documents in d:? Somebody please help me! Memang sgt important! All my precious pictures are in it....from my freshman year till now. Mane nak dpt lg experience sebegitu. S$%^&&^%$!
Terima kasih kpd awak yang sudi melayan kerenah saya sepanjang 2 malam yang lepas. Good luck with your final!