Thursday, December 15, 2005

Can't wait!!

Conversation telah dialter sedikit sebanyak oleh tuan punya blog

nisa (12/15/2005 4:37:23 PM): babe...dah siap kemas bilik aku nak dtg nih?
nisa (12/15/2005 4:37:24 PM): hikhikhik
elle (12/15/2005 4:37:33 PM): wek wek
elle (12/15/2005 4:37:35 PM): tgh
elle (12/15/2005 4:37:35 PM): lalalalala
elle (12/15/2005 4:37:39 PM): special utk ko
elle (12/15/2005 4:37:41 PM): :-))
nisa (12/15/2005 4:37:44 PM): hehehehe
nisa (12/15/2005 4:37:47 PM): takyah kemas
nisa (12/15/2005 4:37:52 PM): nanti aku dtg...abes berterabur balik
nisa (12/15/2005 4:37:53 PM): muahaha
elle (12/15/2005 4:38:08 PM): wek wek
elle (12/15/2005 4:38:09 PM): tade2
elle (12/15/2005 4:38:12 PM): nak kemas gak
elle (12/15/2005 4:38:13 PM): ;))
nisa (12/15/2005 4:38:17 PM): hehe
nisa (12/15/2005 4:38:25 PM): so esok ko dtg amek aku ke kat airport?
elle (12/15/2005 4:38:31 PM): haah lah bebeh
elle (12/15/2005 4:38:34 PM): 11.20 kan
nisa (12/15/2005 4:38:39 PM): ha ye kot
nisa (12/15/2005 4:38:43 PM): tak tgk itinerary lg
nisa (12/15/2005 4:38:44 PM): hikhik
elle (12/15/2005 4:38:47 PM): jgn oversleep!!
elle (12/15/2005 4:38:52 PM): kang x bngn gi airport kan
elle (12/15/2005 4:38:54 PM): *kang
nisa (12/15/2005 4:38:59 PM): ish...tak kot
nisa (12/15/2005 4:39:50 PM): btw...dtg ngan sape nanti kat airport? (sbb aku tau ko takleh drive...hihi)
elle (12/15/2005 4:39:56 PM): eeww fine!!
elle (12/15/2005 4:39:58 PM): ngan ijaa
elle (12/15/2005 4:39:59 PM): wek
elle (12/15/2005 4:40:02 PM): jahat giler!!
nisa (12/15/2005 4:40:04 PM): hehehehe
elle (12/15/2005 4:40:14 PM): dah dah.. nak smbung kemas
nisa (12/15/2005 4:40:19 PM): bluwek!
elle (12/15/2005 4:40:22 PM): :-"
elle (12/15/2005 4:40:28 PM): tataaa
nisa (12/15/2005 4:40:32 PM): bye!
nisa (12/15/2005 4:40:35 PM): esok masak siap2 tau
nisa (12/15/2005 4:40:37 PM): aku lapar nasi
nisa (12/15/2005 4:40:41 PM): seminggu tak mkn nasi dah
nisa (12/15/2005 4:40:42 PM): :-))
elle (12/15/2005 4:40:46 PM): aiyoooo cian dier
elle (12/15/2005 4:40:47 PM): k k
nisa (12/15/2005 4:41:00 PM): nanti papehal aku call cell ko orait
nisa (12/15/2005 4:41:04 PM): babai!! :-*
elle (12/15/2005 4:41:25 PM): haah call call.. mmuahxx!! x sabaaa ;))

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She is one lil sweet girl that I love to bully. Muahahaha...
Can't wait to bully you babe!! Keskeskes

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A week...

Baru seminggu start cuti, kepala dah rasa mcm nak meletup sbb terlampau bosan. Keskeskes...nothing to do except watching tv and video - video yang dimuat turun. Macam my bebeh, me too watched Harry Potter on ABCFamily...heheh...Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secret. Willy Wonka pon saya tenguk juga bebeh! Keskeskes...kita sehati sejiwa la...

Shera, this is why I will make sure I'm out of Columbus every break. Hehe...There is nothing else to do here in Columbus. Kalo school days memang best...sbb ade kelas (apakah?) dan classmates...

I'm so looking forward nak terbang gi RPI Jumaat ini. Shopping, swimming, gym, ddr, pool...sume dgn my babe. Memang la sume tuh bole buat kat Columbus nih, takyah pi jauh2 sampai New Albany tuh. Tapi yang bestnye perasaan tuh lain kalo buat sume2 tuh dgn my dearest bestfriend in the whole world. Hahaha! Tapi snowboarding? Aiyark! Tengok dulu la babe...kalo ade keberanian bole la. Ski takmo ke? Hehehe...

Babe, download la movie banyak2...leh same2 tgk nanti. Save duit nak gi theatre ;-)
Cepatlah Friday!!

Friday, December 09, 2005 I come!!

December 16, 2005:
Once again I'll be flying alone. This time to my babe's place. Woohoo!!! Bebeh, can't wait to see you!! That's the only date I can get under $200. Wanted to travel earlier...but the tickets are all more than $200. So have to wait for Friday. But it's ok, I get to spend 2 weeks with my bebeh. Woohoo!! hehe...So excited to see her. Looking forward to Dec 16. I'll only be back in Columbus on Jan 2, 2006...that is a day before school starts.
So no plan done with Macka and the gang. They haven't had their exact plan yet. So I decided might as well I take care of myself. Thruout my 4 years here in Columbus, not once during break did I stay here and do nothing.
So New York, here I come!! Woohoo!! better have some interesting plans for me! Hahahah...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

made it!

Seniors said this quarter is the toughest among all. Just because we have two classes with Dr Irani that require plenty of our time. True enough. This quarter indeed required A LOT of my time. My sleep time.

But at last I successfully made it to the end. Thank you Allah! Two more quarters (=6 months) left and I'm officially graduating as an ISE. Woohoo! Looking forward to that moment.

Finals' over. School's over. Winter break is here. For the past two days, I did something that maybe not good to some people, but to me, it felt good. So good that I wanna do it whenever I'm in this situation again. I changed myself a little. What kind of changes? For you to find out yourself. Haha. Hey, you oughtta try everything at least once in your lifetime. That's my principle y'all!

Anyway, haven't talk to Macka yet about the plan. Don't know if the plan will become real or it is just another untouchable plan. Got to go. Have a nice life people! Stay safe!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Still hanging in...tight!

Ya Allah, aku tahu Kau takkan uji aku jika benar aku tak mampu mengharunginya. Maka berikanlah aku kekuatan dan kesabaran untuk mengharungi ujian-Mu ini. Amin!

Friday, December 02, 2005

I knew.....

I knew all my hardwork finally paid off when my team received this 2 particular emails today.

From: F. Prince, Floyd Bell Inc
For: ISE 532 - Facilities Design

Good Afternoon Dr. Irani,
Thank you for allowing Floyd Bell the opportunity to participate in this quarters’ (Fall 2005) ISE 532 Production System II, Facilities Design course. It has been a great experience.
The teams assigned were frankly incredible! Each team scheduled a primary and secondary time to visit and contacted me by email with our weekly agendas. In the past 10 weeks, I am very pleased to report that there was not one incident of the team not showing up for their allocated time. In fact, my VP of Operations noted that both teams arrived early for their appointments.
These students were professional and respectful. We were please the way they conducted themselves on our manufacturing floor. Our great experience is a really credit to not only the high caliber of The Ohio State Department of Engineering, but to each student as they conducted themselves as Engineers.
It was exciting to work with such enthusiasm about principles and methods for design and analysis of facility layouts, systematic layout planning, production flow analysis, material handling systems, workstation design, and Lean Manufacturing. Upon brief review of their reports they all should be proud of their work.
Each team requested me to contact you. I am happy to report that both teams have turned in their presentations. These results provided will make it easy for me to justify to my management that we should probably hire not just one Industrial Engineer, but a couple for my small engineering department.
Again, thank you so much for the opportunity. I look forward to hosting other courses with you in future.
Frank Andrew Prince Jr.
Engineering Manager,
Floyd Bell Inc.

From: Dr. Shahrukh Irani
For: ISE 533 - Production Control System Design and Implementation

-----Original Message-----
From: Shahrukh A. Irani []
Sent: Friday, December 02, 2005 4:06 PM
To: 'Michael Koch';
Subject: Would your teams be interested?
Hey guys:
Your teams did a great job with your ISE533 projects. I would like to ask that both teams partner with me to create publications that we could sell commercially with author royalties going into your pockets also. Check out my publications of this type at Just know please that it will take time and effort to produce a polished and comprehensive document! Well done.
Thank you.
Dr. Irani

I couldn't help it but smile all day long for we really kicked some ass out there. My team;Andhri, Qini, Mike and I, we built such a very good chemistry and teamwork among us. I have no regret at all taking Industrial & System Engineering as my major. I have no regret at all for the 3-hrs of sleep everyday for this entire week if the results turn out to be this good! I know I can make a very good IE in the future.

We decided to take Dr. Irani's offer to publish our presentation in a form of journal. Hey, we can make money! How's $16.00 sounds for a journal entitle Mixed - Model Assembly Line, huh? Besides, it will look awesome in our resume, wouldn't it?

I'm almost done with the quarter. All left is the 2 final exams, which will be on Tuesday. Despites all the complaints that this quarter sucks, or we gotta do lots of work with so little time, or whatever it is, I myself knew that I learnt a lot of good IE stuff in only 10 weeks.

Reminder: Ini bukan entry "masuk bakul, angkat sendiri". Tp utk berkongsi kegembiraan bersama mereka - mereka yang mengambil berat tentang diri ini.