Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Final week

I'm busier than the queen bee =) It's my last week of class. Everything needs to be settled; projects, assignments, presentation.I'll write more after my finals.

Btw, I stumble upon this website while doing some research for my paper:
see point #10.
Interesting init?
p/s: bebeh, I might be going to your place during Christmas time. Free yourself from any commitment coz I need you =)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Good vs. Bad

It happened so many times before...
It hurts me so much, my feeling...
At first, I would just ignore it...
Pretend that it didn't happen...
After a while I got sick of it...
Coz it never will ends...
No matter how much I tried to stop it...
No matter how ignorant I was to it...

Is this a sign that I chose the wrong way all this time?
Am I better off without all these bullshit stuff?

Allah, please give me your guidance. I am willing to loose it if that makes everyone happy.

On the other hand,

We [read:Buckeyes] beat Michigan Wolverines at their home. Woohoo!
Why is this a big deal?
Because the 2 teams has been a rivalry since 1897...
Quoting Macka: Tak sia - sia wat bbq kat umah aku weh
I know everyone will talk about it on Monday, at work and classes...
The boys jumped up and down yesterday [sampai umah bergegar ok!]
They rushed out and screamed F*#k Michigan...
And I was just smiling...
The feeling of being around friends was just too good to be wasted...
We went to ARC at 6pm yesterday...
The boys played futsal...the girls did cardio...
I found out they went to play badminton on Friday night...
Nobody called me or told me about it...
Was supposed to go and watch Harry Potter...
But after half and hour on the treadmill...
I lost all my energy...
So I slept early...
Maybe will watch it next week...
We have a very long weekend...
Due to the Thanksgiving break...
Been talking with the girls...
About making stuffed roasted turkey...
Anyone knows how to make the best stuffing?


In the end, I guess the good wins!
Looking at how long the good entry is...
Yeah, stay positive Nisa...
and you [yeah you!] too!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Flurry Day

Orang lain merungut. Masih musim gugur kata mereka. Nape flurry?
Tapi aku sangat teruja. Permulaan season yang aku suka. Aku jadi tenang.
4 tahun. Aku masih belum bosan...

Permukaan rumput putih gebu. Berketul - ketul ais di tepi jalan.
Tidur malam dipeluk comforter POOH. Dibaluti sweater Aeropostale.
Aku bahagia....

Cuma satu. Berjalan 10 min pukul 6 pg setiap hari. Aku sangat kisah!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Perjalananku masih jauh
Untuk aku teruskan
Arah mana yang hendak
Aku tuju

Sungguh aku tak menyangka
Aku akan tersesat
Pulangkanlah aku
Ke pangkal jalan

Ramai orang yang memandang diri
Tiada seorang pun berani mendekati
Adakah kerana hasutan
Yang membuatkanku kehilangan arah

Salahkah aku bertanya
Ke mana arah pulang
Tunjukkan arah pulang
Salahkah diriku ini
Kerna bertanyakan oh nasib diriku

Berikan ku jawapan
Tunjukkan aku jalan
Mana satu yang harus kupilih oh
Sungguh aku tak menyangka
Aku akan tersesat
Pulangkanlah aku ke pangkal jalan

Tuhan berikan aku peluang lagi
Diri yang kotor ini

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Here & There

Over there...
They are enjoying their time off in Langkawi....
For almost 4 days...
Celebrating the mom's promotion to JUSA (Jawatan Utama Sektor Awam)...
And the lil brother's independence day after PMR...
Shopping at pekan Kuah and snorkeling...
Cable car-ing...

Over here...
I'm struggling with my ISE 509 project...
And the ISE 533 OR STORM homework...
And the Facility Layout project...
And the ISE 509, 532 & 533 quizzes...
And the ISE 640 homework...
All have to be done this week...

Schweettttttt!!!! Totally!!!!!!! :2thumbsup:

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Honesty Is The Best Policy

"Bilamana aku terasa diri ini dah ditipu banyak kali, susah untuk aku letak semula kepercayaan itu. Buat lah baik mana pon, aku tetap anggap kata - kata itu adalah tipu belaka. Jangan kata aku tuduh melulu. Sebab engkau yang paksa aku untuk tidak percaya."


Thursday, November 10, 2005

The 1011 [read: Nov 10] day

Date: 101101
Event: We became one. Terasa dunia ini berpusing - pusing. We both felt happy. We finally became official since 1997.

The love (and lust) grew stronger each day. Even we were separated by 2 states (I was in KL. TOH was in Melaka), nothing can separate us apart (except death and His will). Tapi takdir at that time was not on our side. Separated by coutries really grew us apart. We took our separate way in 2003. I went crazy. And I know TOH did too.

Takdir was again on our side. During a year of separation, we learnt a lot about ourselves and each other. We realized that we both can't live without each other. So we were drawn together again on 040804 during my summer break.

Date: 101105
Venue: In room (TOH's and mine)
Event: I know I should wish TOH anniversary. But TOH didn't realized it is 1011. We were not in our best mind (and mood) today. We fought for almost 5 hrs on YM. It's not my fault or TOH fault. It's our fault. We were close to *this* to lose each other again.

Again takdir was on our side. We managed to settle the problem. I thank God for having TOH in my life. I know nobody else can handle my attitude well enough like TOH did. All these experiences brought us closer. We fell for each other more.

I would call it the 1011 [read: Nov 10] day.

Happy Anniversary my TOH!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Eid Celebration 2005

This year's raya celebration was the best for me ever since I arrived in Columbus. The fact that this might be my last raya away from my own family made me decided to have as much fun as I can [read:this doesn't mean i dun have fun raya with my family :-P]. Pictures above tell a lot about how much I enjoyed it.

We didn't have a big celebration on the day of the Eid since almost everyone were busy with midterms (it was the midterm week for everybody). Thanks to Kak Nadia & family for organizing an open house at Buckeye Village. She cooked a lot of food...rendang, pulut, masak lodeh etc etc. Thank you so much! The food was delicious! Alhamdulillah. Since I have a midterm that morning, I went to their house later in the evening together with Arn, Matju, Zharif and Quer.

On Saturday, I woke up early in the morning just to make "kek kukus asam gambir", my mom's specialty. It took me almost 3 hrs to bake 2 "loyang" of cakes. Although it didn't taste as delicious as my mom's, you can say that my first attempt is not that bad. Later in the evening, me and a bunch of friends went to see the football game at the stadium [see previous post: Buckeyes vs. Illini]

Sunday was the BIG day. Arn and Syima made nasi kerabu and nasi dagang. Helped them do the kerabu. Everyone gathered @ East Patterson. A lot of foods!! Woohoo!! Who says you can't have traditional food oversea? Nasi impit, kuah kacang, nasi kerabu, nasi dagang, ayam masak merah...just to name some. I had my first ever nasi kerabu that day. Haha. It was one of the steps for me to learn the East coast tradition *wink wink*

We watched Perawan Malam together in the living room. Haha. I felt like at home. Raya with family, watching tv on raya day. The photography session was the best part. I know I laughed a lot during the session. It's good to be around friends.

I know I'll miss celebrating raya with my friends. Guess what? If there is no new girl coming to OSU next year, I guess there will be no more girls cooking for raya. Haha. Pity you guys!

I posted more pics in MY FOTOPAGES
. Enjoy the pics!

So, how's everyone's raya? Tell me tell me!! :-D
Take care y'all!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fightless Illini

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
3rd quarter

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
1st quarter

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Mr. Brutus & the cheerleaders

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The cool TBDBITL (band) & the players

Witness the 40-2 awesome game. Good time with buddies. For more pics, go to MY FOTOPAGES.

Will update about my raya later.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

u made my day!

A very short and sweet text message that I received around 10am this morning really made my day. It kept me smiling til now. All my worries about midterms are gone. Thanks to u!

It's good to know there is a person somewhere out there who loves u and appreciates all your efforts

It's also good to know that I am actually capable of making someone happy


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Few notes....

  • This raya will be my last raya in US (so far...)
  • I thot it will be a gala time for me...but
  • I have 2 midterms, 2 quizzes and project paper due this week
  • As of now, still not in the mood to celebrate raya
  • Coz feel like time is running out...me trying to catch up with due date
  • Not once did I listen to raya songs
  • And nobody's been asking about the preparation for raya i.e.: who cook what
  • And did I mention I'm struggling with due date? God, please make it easy for me!
  • Been thinking about going to DC for raya celebration with the MSD people this weekend
  • But I have client meeting on Friday which will take half of my day
  • And 2 interim projects due the next week
  • All in all, raya di perantauan can be suxx sometimes...
  • But I thank God for the opportunity to be away from the love ones and still manage to celebrate raya without the real homemade 'ketupat bawang', lemang and pecal embahku
  • Thaught me how to survive in this life [yeah,as if!]
  • Now, I have to stop writing coz 2 quizzes and 1 midterm are waiting for me tomorrow.
  • Wish me luck!


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