Thursday, September 29, 2005

Synonyms: Part II

Bad day huh, kak nadia and elle? Yeah i understand.

My days were loaded with school works. Its only what? 2nd week of class? Yeah...and i'm already felt like giving up. Huhu...too much works to be completed this quarter. Whats with morning work some more. Haiya! Been thinking about quitting the job tho but I NEED MONEY y'all!!

Added to my weekly schedule are now two trips a week to FLoyd Bell for my ISE 532 project. On the positive side, it's a very good experience; collaborating with the company; as I can gain experience in industry as well as it will look good in my resume. But we (my team and I) gotta come up with IE skills and whats not in order to do research at the facility. Kaizen, Kanban, JIT, Push & Pull Scheduling, Type of Muka etc etc etc. All need to be at the tip of my finger. Arghh!! A 3" spiral binding of report need to be completed by the end of week 10. That's only for ISE 532. And I don't wanna start talking about ISe 533, ISE 640 and ISE 509! It just jam up my mind more.

Plus the not-so-good-alchemy between me and him. Hmm...who says LDR is good??

The only thing that keeps me on the real world track is the fact that I'll be graduating in June. Yeay!!

One more thing y'all, I went to the new RPAC to play volleyball for the first time. Awesome!! Of course I meant the RPAC. And now I'm proud to call myself a Buckeye!
Now I need to go to bed. Had to work at 5am tomorrow morning coz there are lots of order to be completed by 11am.
Peace out...

Synonyms: Part I

burned out...
worn out...
full stop!


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Safe and Sound

Alhamdulillah, I'm already in Columbus making my way to the bachelor degree (Ha ha ha) Arrived here on Tuesday evening. Am so tired and still adjusting myself with the time difference. Surprisingly said I'm enjoying my days here in Columbus. No homesick or missing someone that bad and I considered it lucky. Hahaha. See, when you set your 'nawaitu' correctly, everything will go smoothly inshaallah.
"And suddenly when u realise about it, you're already on your way back home again" - Shoe

Will be great busy this quarter with school works as I have two BIG term project, one which requires my team to industrial exposure (i.e: working with local company) and the other one requires my team's IE skills. Both need hardwork and presentation. Not to mention time commitment. Also another 2 sub projects. All these 4 projects are for my ISE core subjects. I planned to register myself for the social dance class. But looking at my schedule, I don't think I can manage to squeeze more time for my dance paperwork. Besides it is only a credit hour class. So I decided to drop the dance class and took up business class instead. At least I can use my business class for my tech elective class. Plus there is not much work for that class. All I have to do is read and understand the subject matter (and I love reading!)

I still live at the same hostel building but different room as before. This time I'm at 3rd floor! Isn't that sweet? Going down the 3 storey building every morning, walks for 5 mins to ISE department and climbs up another 3 storey building for ISE classes. Awesome! What a work out year for me.

My room is quite spacey compared to last year's room. Not to mention a new geeky roommate who happen to be an OSU band member. She plays trumpet. And she's OK. A few other Malays live in the same building as mine. Honestly I felt glad to have them in the same building as mine.

Oh, and how's my journey back to Columbus? It was great actually. The flights were OK. The foods were OK too. Newark's OK. Columbus is OK. All in all, I'm glad to have been arrived safely. Can't wait to burst my ass off for the new quarter. I'm glad I can get along well with my teammates. Mike is the clown of the group. Qini talks a lot which makes me a not-so-quite-CT. Andhri tries his hard to make me understand his Indonesian slang. And I can see we will be having a helluva of terrific time this quarter.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sayonara Msia

My last night in Msia. So sad to leave Msia (and of course the ppl) If I were given a choice, I would rather not go back there. But that would make me an unthankful person right? One more year to go. And let just pray I can make it to the end in one year.

My flight is at 930am tomorrow morning. Please pray for my safe journey. I would travel alone as usual. This time I have to survive a night in Newark as there is no flight to Columbus on the same day I arrive in EWR.

Been told myself, set a nawaitu before taking off on the plan. So that my stay in Columbus will be blessed by Him.

Maybe I'll write about my summer break later. Or maybe not...

Monday, September 12, 2005

---no title---

Haven't write for quite sometimes. The thoughts were there but I couldn't potray it in words. Guess my sense of writing is growing worse each day. It is now the time of the year again. Where sadness come knocking hard at my heart. One minute I can smile and laugh like a clown whereas at another minute I can sit at one corner with a sorrow face.
One more year to go. One more year!
A friend's word: skali ni je lg rase mcm tuh...lepas tuh dah takyah nak pegi sane lg..
O Allah The Almighty, please give me the strength and guide me well...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Salam Merdeka

Selamat menyambut harijadi kemerdekaan yg ke-48 Malaysia!

Ahad yang lepas, kami para Sohabat seramai 10 orang berkumpul semula. Kali ini Pizza Hut Ampang Park menjadi pilihan. Memang sengaja tidak mahu berkumpul di mana - mana shopping kompleks. Nak elakkan kesesakan manusia. Janji berkumpul 11pg. Tp aku terlambat tertinggal tren di sri petaling. Kalo aku lambat, otomatik Shu lambat sbb kitorg janji jumpa kat Masjid Jamek gerak naik putra same - same.
Anyway, as always nak meletup pizza hut tuh ngan suara kitorg. Tak peduli ngan layanan buruk waiter waitress pizza hut tuh, kitorg ngan prinsip customer's always right. Hehehe...Jeff Timmons (betul ke eja camtuh?) was there too. Anem ngan Khaty je yg recognise si Jeff ni. Ape lg...sesi photography pon berjln la seperti biasa.
So happy to see the girls again. No one can replace the friendship that I built with the girls.

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