Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sebahagian dariku...

Dalam bersedih - sedih masa kat Malaysia dah semakin suntuk, sebahagian diriku sebenarnya tak sabar nak balik ke sana. Rindu lunch dan dinner bersama rakan - rakan di Joy's Village. Rindu masak bersama rakan - rakan. Rindu ber 'road trip' bersama rakan - rakan. Rindu menyakat mereka.

Paling tak sabar...ingin melancarkan perang 'revenge' yang telah beberapa hari terbuku di hati. out for my power y'all!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Merdeka Millennium Endurace Race...

Sape pernah pegi?
Best ke weh?
Rugi ke tak rugi kalo pegi?
Sape berminat hujung bulan nih?

Saturday, August 20, 2005


i wanna fly away!!!
far away!!!
*sob sob*

Monday, August 15, 2005

saya ckp...dia ckp...

saya ckp: lagi sebulan 4 hari je nak balik sane...
dia ckp: haah, lg 5-6 kali je bole jumpa awak b4 balik sane...saya dah kira...
saya ckp: saya taknak balik sane...
dia ckp: lg setahun je tinggal. sabar la...
saya ckp: sethn tu la susah nak sabar...sbb dah bosan 3 thn mcm ni...
dia ckp: sabar aje la ek...
saya ckp dlm hati: kalo la columbus - kl tuh mcm melaka - kl, gerenti aku balik tiap2 hari...

maaf, bermula hari ini entry mungkin akan sekali sekala berbaur sedih dan sayu (sekali sekala?)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sadness struck...

"...kejap je kan rasenye...lagi sebulan kamu nak balik sane dah, along...", said abah to me while walking pass through the front door.

can I not go back there??

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


This entry was written for the blog's owner own purpose. Please feel free to enjoy it. Otherwise, you are welcome to leave this page =)

August 4, 2005:
I wasn't feeling so well today. Still I went to fetch him up from Bukit Jelutong around noon and went straight to Angah's place to give her the Honda City. Angah dropped us at Serdang Commuter Station. We headed straight to KL Central. Bought our bus and skyway ticket and boarded the bus up to Genting. Genting, here we come!! Woohoo!! Arrived there around 4pm. Met Elle and her beau. Check in at Theme Park Hotel and spent the evening in bed cos I'm so tired. Woke up around 7pm. Got ready and headed to First World Plaza. Bought the indoor ticket and tried on every rides. It was fun. Then we 'asah' our 'bakat' in karaoke. Haha. Me with my sore throat. What a good combination. I ended up with a very husky voice after the karaoke session. Then tried our luck searching for mapley. I knew there was a mapley up there. I knew it's in one of the car park but I didn't know which one. To our exhaustion, we failed to find the mapley. Went back to our room in disspoinment.

Theme Park Hotel

August 5, 2005:
Woke up in the morning for breakfast. Then headed straight to Outdoor Park. My first time went on the Space Shot. And I promised myself I won't ride that ride again. Ever! Haha. However Flying Coaster did catch my attention. Eventho it was a RM10 ride, I did enjoy it. I screamed myself out loud just for the fun of it. Oh come on! Where's the fun of riding the ride without screaming your lung out right? Hehe...Oh and yeah, we finally managed to find the mapley later that evening. Fyuhh!! Terubat rindu pada mapley. Hehehe...

Flying Coaster

Space Shot

Later that night, Elle & I brought the boys into Snow World. Well, it was fun watching their first time with snow. Hehe. Played the snow tube and I hurt my **s real bad.

Snow World

August 6, 2005:
Woke up in the morning for breakfast. Then packed our things and check out. Since we still have our outdoor tickets, we spent the rest of the day strolling around the outdoor theme park. Hehe...

All in all, we had so much fun spending the weekend together, the four of us =) It was all worth the money we spent. Elle bebeh, maybe we should do this kind of activity again =)

Monday, August 08, 2005

Genting & 8882

Sorry for the long silence. Streamyx kat rumah ni masih lg tak btol2. Katenye telekom tgh upgrade dr 1mbps ke 4mbps. Kemudian katenye downgrade plak sbb de problem. Kemudian nanti tak tahu la ape lg alasan diorang. Hoi!! My dad pays for the streamyx tau tak!! Rugi la kalo tak dpt guna.
On the other hand....a few updates about my life =)
Went up to Genting last Thursday with my beau, Elle & her beau =) Spent 2 nights up there. We were having so much fun. My first time naik space shot terus tak berani nak naik lg dah. Kecut perut seh!! Hahaha...ada permainan baru, Flying Coaster. Nak naik kene bayar RM10. Tp it was all worth it la because permainan ni la satu2 nya permainan yang rasa sgt puas bila naik. Dia terbangkan kita ala - ala superman walaupon permainan tu dibuat ala - ala spiderman. Spiderman terbang ke? Siap dipusing - pusing kita 360 degree lg. Uish...mmg jerit tak hingat nye la...We the girls bawak the boys masuk snow world. Best tgk orang first time pegang snow nih. Hehehe...
My parents' 23rd wedding anniversary!! August 8, 2005. I bought them an anniversary card and a dinner @ Pizza Hut. To my parents: Semoga dipanjangkan umur, diberikan kesihatan yang baik, dimurahkan lagi rezeki, diberikan cahaya keimanan yang berterusan, dikekalkan bersama bahagia sepanjang hidup di dunia dan di akhirat oleh-Nya. Amin!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Secara teori

Secara is our (read: me & TOH) first anniversary. Yeay!!!

Happy anniversary sweetheart!!!

Why did I say secara teori?

We met in August 1997 during National Day parade. We end up as a couple on Nov 10, 2001. Then something happened along the way and we were separated. But destiny has it that we met again and be a couple on August 4, 2004. Since then, we are so happy together =) Now if people ask how long have we both been together, I would say 4 years. Hahaha...sesuai? Sesuai la kan...