Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Right vs. Wrong

When it comes to the people that I care most, i.e: family, best friends & him; it was hard for me to let them know my true feeling. I know I should have correct them for their wrong thought about me, yet it was hard for me to open my mouth and let them know the right things. I would rather keep my mouth shut and watch them go with their thoughts. I know that is not the right thing to do because at times I can explode and burst out my anger to them without even a slight warning about the explosion.

I REALLY hate it when suddenly the people that I care most PM or SMS me with this ayat: Oii...senyap je. Busy berdating dengan nik ke? As if I don't have anything else to do besides just hanging out with my other half. In fact at that time I have more important things to attain to such as my assignments or my family matter.

Yet I can only let out my anger in here coz I don't have the guts to actually tell them what I feel about their messages due to the fact that I'm afraid they will walk away from my life and I'm left with less and less people that I care most around me.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Dunno what...

Tried to think of a suitable title but dunno's been a while since i last visited this myself have been abondoning my own page...huhu...

Today is my mom's bday (June 26). My dad, my lil sis & bro and I wished her happy birthday around 12.05am. Isn't that sweet? Hehehe...I pray for my mom's good health thruout her life.

Went to SSP Cyberjaya on Sunday in four cars (mine, Anem's, Shawn's & Fadilah's) to witness (sesuai kah?) the wind orchestra competition among SBP. SSP was one of the finalist. Somehow I don't think pink and red suits the girls. Haiya! The were 15 of us the Sohabat9600. I'm sure Shera or Anem will pour out the info later in their blogs. And pictures pls! I don't bring my camera =( Anyway, I don't know the result as I left early to meet The Other Half. We went to IKEA to find bookshelf and a couple of frames for my room. Then we stopped by at Giant Section 13 to buy birthday cake for my mom.

Elle bebeh...too bad you are not around this weekend. Anyway, the plan is cancelled as I might go to Dataran Putrajaya on Saturday night to watch World!! hahaha...Maybe the next week. But I'll give you a call sometimes next week insyaallah, aight?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What Happened?

Got to meet The Other Half on Friday. Sempat pi tgk Mr & Mrs. Smith =) What a day for me! yeay!!

Went back to kampung @ Teluk Intan. Makan rojak buah, sambal tempoyak goreng, manggis *yum yum* =) double yeay!!

Met The Other Half again on Monday =) Lovely! What a day again! triple yeay!! the rest i'll keep to myself =)

p/s: awak, hujung minggu ni kalo awak tak ajak saya skali, siapla awak!! =D

Friday, June 17, 2005


The Other Half will be in town today. I get to meet him for the first time since 6 months ago. Know how big this means to me? *Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss* big. Hehehe!!

Saya suka!! Saya suka!! Saya suka!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hoot Hoot!!

Come Monday, it's been a week since I arrived in Kuala Lumpur. Thank God I didn't suffer from jetlag. I have a secret recipe to force myself to bed according to Malaysia's sleep time (which is 11pm onwards...haha) But I suffered from a couple of migraine (due to the humid weather) attacks for a few days. It sucks all time but hell, I have to deal with it anyway.

Btw, the first day I drove my car (that I share with my lil sis), I was hit by a man (damn u sucker!) It happened on Tuesday I believed. I was at Putrajaya on my way back to Puchong after picking up my mom from her office. Thank God when the accident happened, my mom and lil sis were with me. We were stopping at this traffic light nearby the MOF. When the light turned green, the Perdana in front of me was late to move. I was about to honk the Perdana when suddenly BAM!! Shitt! I looked through the rear mirror and saw a man with his sunglasses. Stupid, I yelled! (Mind you my car is a brand new Honda City!! Got it 3 weeks ago!) I've been driving since after SPM. I never hit any car. Suddenly this man broke my record. I went out of the car and started to yell at him (you know how bad my temper is, right?)

Apsal tak jalan? Lampu dah hijau. He said.
Yang kelam kabut sgt kat traffic light ni pebenda bang? I said.
Kete depan tak jln lg, cemana saya nak jln? I said again.

He kept his mouth shut.
My mom told me to call my dad. She took down all that man's info i.e: address, ic #, car plate #, everything. I was very pissed off coz the bumper is dented to the inside. His car? The front plate was slightly broke. Damn! It will only cost him RM15 to replace the plate. My brand new car suffered a lot. And he's driving this old honda civic. After exchanging a few information, this man agreed to pay all the damages.

I would say I was a bit phobia after the incident. I was like looking at the rear mirror every 5 secs (jezz!) just to make sure the car behind me drive at a safe distance especially when stopping for the traffic light. After the incident, I received a rather long lecture from my dad about driving safe (hell, it is not my fault the accident occured!! why should i get the long lecture?)

It is very important to drive carefully in KL, you know? Defense driving is very important. Nowadays ha, motorcycle likes to just beat the traffic light no matter what color the light is. And riding on the opposite traffic flow. So just be careful about that. One more thing, if people honk or flash light at you, don't provoke them back. That'd what happened to all the drivers that got slashed or stabbed you know? They provoked the man back. The man blocked the car. Got down, a few fight and you are already tergolek on the road you know? Just give way to them no matter how big or small the car is. Jangan angkat - angkat tangan or anything. Just buat tak tau. And make sure the safe distance between cars. Once you leka, the moment the front car emergency brake, and you can't do nothing. Just bam! KL drivers are different you know? -my dad-

And at this moment, all I think is I hate living in Kuala Lumpur because of the level of rudeness in it's people. I'm not trying to show off how special I am for living in US. But that is the truth y'all. The kakak at the LRT Bandaraya counter was rude to me yesterday. The drivers. Come tomorrow, who else knows who might act rude towards me.

Or is it because I'm used to the friendly environment of Columbus that I judged the people of KL?


Monday, June 13, 2005

Columbus - Washington DC - Newark - Stockholm - Kuala Lumpur

Arrived in Msia safe and sound..
(Yes Anem, I'm home!)
Tho I have to say travel alone is sucks!
Flight from Washington DC to Newark was delayed more than half an hour...
Flight from Newark to Stockholm also delayed for an hour...
That made the flight from Stockholm delayed for an hour too...

But all in all, I'm glad to be home...
Back to my dear family...
First meal: roti canai and teh tarik...
Arhhh...Malaysiaku yang terchenta!

So to all my friends,
Don't forget to hollar me if you guys are hanging out somewhere...
My number is still the same inshaallah...

can only meet him next week..*sob sob sob* six months of waiting, when finally here, have to wait some more haa? haiya!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Exam dah abes. Projek dah abes. Presentation dah abes. Assignment dah abes. So ape lagik?
GUMBIRA laa!!! Hahaha...

Alhamdulillah everything went well. Those who remembered my to-do list a few days (or shall i say a few weeks) ago must have thot how can i managed to get everything done in time. Tada!! Procastinator, i am not! hahaha. Me myself can't believe i managed to control everything. Fyuhh!!

Right now i'm trying to pack all my things for the summer. Really i'm not a good 'packer'. Hahaha. See, i'm not that organized. So if i let things go my way, then i would just 'campak' everything in a big box. That would have simplify my life. But i'm trying to be more organized so that i can easily find the stuff i need when i get back here again. So far i've thrown 6 13-gallons plastic bags full of unneeded stuff away. See how much stuff i have to myself all this time. Told you i'm not that organized. I would just let things lay down in the room without having the effort to throw away the unwanted stuff. Silly me! Kan dah susah bila nak move out.

Anyway, i have a very long journey to catch this Saturday. An annual trip alone back to Malaysia. I had enough of Columbus and the people around me. Need new fresh air. Keskeskes. Poyo! Sangat kot! Can't wait to meet old buddies in Malaysia. Families and friends. My significant other. Got a 'big' project coming soon inshaallah=) Tu pon if both my parents agree to that idea. Huhu *crossing my fingers*.

So i have to bid farewell for now. Pray for my safety throughout my journey. Inshaallah will update soon when i arrived in KL.

Malaysia, here I come!!

p/s: kak nadia, inshaallah i'll send all the racquets and shuttlecocks to your house the latest by Saturday morning. Is that ok with you? Don't have the time to run to your place la =) Gomen! (which means sorry)

Thursday, June 02, 2005