Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rindu Mereka

Monday, May 30, 2005


Jun 11 is just around the corner. Theoretically, I should feel the excitement. Yet I felt lost lately. To go back or not to go back?

Maybe because there are still tonnes of things I need to take care off in between this week. I need and have to pack myself with all the projects and presentation. I need to pull both my legs in order to get all those things done by this week.

Yesterday's chat with someone close to me thru YM really made me think twice about some decisions I've made before. Decisions that I thought were right best for me in the first place. Yet after several months, they still don't seem quite ok for me. I guess the wait - and see theory really works for me. It somehow lead me to some results. A straight way to my sadness. Well, what we think suit us best doesn't always suit other people, right? Seriously I hate selfishness. My entire life, I criticized people with selfishness. Just because of some shitless history we don't take other people's feeling into account when making decision. WTF??

Well, people out there. Please pray that I can get through this 2 weeks of school so that I can happily leave Columbus and meet the ones I love in Malaysia; family and friends.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

No More Crappy Shit

Time to focus on my priority!!

May 16 - Midterm ISE 573 (Cognitive Engineering)
May 19 - Midterm III Accounting 501 (Financial & Managerial Accounting)
May 24 - Midterm II ISE 523 (Fundamental of Nonlinear Optimization)
May 26 - Midterm II ISE 614 (Automation)
May 26 - Midterm II ISE 531 (Production Systems I: Systems Design)
May 27 - 30 - Midwest 2005 @ UIUC
June 1 - Homework ISE 694Y (Cognitive Engineering)
June 2 - Project Presentation ISE 531 (Production Systems I: Systems Design)
June 3 - System Design Project Presentation ISE 573 (Cognitive Engineering)
June 7 - Final ISE 614 (Automation) - if midterms are good, final is waived
June 8 - Assignment ISE 694Y (Cognitive Engineering)
June 9 - Final Accounting 501 (Financial & Managerial Accounting)
June 11 - Balik!! (packing almost done!)

on the other hand, thank you so much friends for all the supportive words and advices. Really appreciate it. May Him bless you always inshaallah. See you guys this end of June in Malaysia!! Muahx!